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The Buried (formerly Love & Bass Co.) started from very humble beginnings in 2014 when we decided we wanted to make a pin or two to wear at shows for some artists we were huge fans of. It was never our intention to start a company; the initial designs were fueled by a simple desire to create some cool art that we would be proud to wear.

The first releases were well received and a decision was made to continue to release more pins as a hobby and a creative outlet. As our fan base and catalog grew, we branched into pendants, apparel, shawls, and anything we thought would be fun to make.

Before we knew it, a legitimate business had formed and we began to crystallize the idea of creating a brand and a vision that could blend our passion for the electronic music scene and our desire to create and connect with like-minded individuals.

Our mantra is the same as it was in the beginning: We create because we love it. Everything we release is a reflection and a manifestation of our love for this culture.

We make things that we think are rad and being able to share them with you is our privilege. We hope you join us in our journey to grow, innovate, and create.

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